10 Things Patients Want From Their Dentist

things patients want from their dentistIf you own a dental practice, you may be wondering what do patients want from their dentist?  Well most of you have probably been dental patients at some time in your life so you probably have some idea.  But in an article from Lisa Newburger, Dentistry IQ, she lists 10 things that patients want from a dental practice.  Hopefully you are already doing some of these things.

  1. A Keurig or other type of coffee machine for patient use.  Don’t hog all the coffee for you and your staff.  Have a coffee and other beverages available for your patients while they wait.
  2. Be a dentist who runs on time. Most people are taking time out of work or other important things in their day to come to the dentist.  The last thing they want is to be waiting forever for you.  If you are running behind, be sure to call the patient and let them know.  This way they can get other things done they need to before coming in to wait.
  3. Have friendly staff. Observe your front office people and be sure that the way they are treating the patients is how you would have them treated. They are the first people that your patients come in contact with and you want to be sure that they make a good first impression.

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What Dental Hygienists Should Know About Allergies

dental hygienistsNowadays people are much more conscious about how food affects their health. As dental hygienists, you want to understand that allergies are an inflammatory response.

You may be thinking that allergies don’t really affect dental treatment unless the patient is allergic to stainless steel or latex. But food allergies are proving to be an aspect that can be an answer to patients who won’t respond to traditional periodontal therapy.

Allergies present themselves in two ways: overt and covert. The traditional allergic reactions to things like rash, hives, itching, vomiting, sneezing, coughing, etc. are overt manifestations. Because allergies can cause inflammation, this is where the connection to periodontal issues comes in.

Read more about what dental hygienists should know when it comes to allergies by checking out the full article from Dental Products Report here: What Modern Millennial Hygienists need to know about allergies | Dental Products Report.

Team Interviewing For Your Dental Office

team intervieiwingWhen hiring a great staff for your dental office you may want to consider team interviewing. Most companies tend to conduct job interviews as one on one conversation between a qualified candidate and the employer. This is how the employer gets more information about the type of person they are interviewing and if they will be a good fit for their office. But if your office works well together as a team, you may want to consider a more collaborative, team approach with interviewing.

What is a team interviewing process and what does it look like? A team interview provides the opportunity for the candidate to be put in a group setting where those with the ability to work well as a team may excel.  It also allows the interview to be an opportunity for brainstorming or planning sessions where the candidate is asked to contribute to the group discussion. Team interviews let decision makers observe candidates in a more casual environment.

A team interview in a dental office will allow the dentist to know who will be a good fit with his/her dental team. Plus, the employer can get the input from other staff members on how they feel the candidate would do as a member of the dental team.  It will also allow dental practices avoid time and money on a bad hire.

Looking At The Job Interview Through A New Lens|ETS Dental


How To Deal With Conflict With Your Dental Team

conflict with your dental teamWe all face conflict in everyday situations, work, home and social circles. In your dental practice, you may have seen or even been involved in conflict with co-workers. Different personalities don’t always match together in every situation. But people confront conflict in different ways.  Understanding this may help you to be able to avoid and resolve conflict with your dental team.

In an article from Dr. Don Deems of The Dentist’s Coach offers five responses to conflict.  Some people force their point, while others withdraw from confrontation.  Check out these responses to conflict and ways you can deal with conflict with your team members to make your dental office a peaceful and great place to work. Dealing With Conflict Among Team Members|The Dentist’s Coach

Make The Most of Your Dental Staff Meetings

emergency dentist

Your dental staff is the most important part of keeping your dental practice running smoothly. If you have experienced any trouble at all with your staff over time, it is most likely caused by either lack of communication or lack of recognition. Your staff meetings are the perfect place for constant communication and away to recognize the staff for the things they have accomplished.

Be sure to involve your staff in the process of creating a positive work environment.  You all work there and you can work together to keep the environment positive.  Create ground rules as a team.

Believe that your staff is the most important asset to your business. They are the ones that your patients will be dealing with whether you are there or not.  Don’t wait until a problem turns into a crisis. Know what you are looking for in an ideal employee. Have a list of qualities, characteristics and traits that you want, such as communicates well, detail oriented, prompt, and positive.  This will help you when you are hiring new employees.

Lastly, be sure to maximize staff meetings as team development opportunities. Plan some relationship building and learning activities to strengthen your team.

Top Five Tips To Add Life To Your Team Meetings | Dr. Arndt, DDS