The World Of Animal Dentistry

Dr. Sam Smiley of Dublin, Ohio had been practicing dentistry for thirteen years when he received a fateful call from the Columbus Zoo.  Because a 350 pound gorilla was not eating well, Smiley was asked if he’d perform a dental exam to see if it may be the problem. He agreed and this began his career in animal dentistry began.

In this entertaining interview with Dr. Smiley, you will read the answers to questions like what a typical appointment from start to finish is like and also which animal was his favorite patient.  Check out the full article/interview from Mouthing Off, the blog of The American Dental Association, here: A Look Into The World Of Animal Dentistry.

Dental Marketing Tips From An Expert

dental marketing tipsDr. Jacob Plawner, DDS, has more than 30 years of successful dental practice ownership under his belt. In this article, found on Dental Economics website, you can read all about his marketing strategy and how it can help you in your dental practice. Here are 3 dental marketing tips from an expert in dentistry:

Tip #1 –It’s important to track your marketing and know where all your leads are coming from. How else will you know which marketing methods are working best? Dr. Plawner leaves it up to his front desk team to ask each caller how they heard about his practice.

Tip #2 – Once you’ve found out which marketing methods are working best, fine tune them until the results are maximized. Are leads coming from referrals, web searches, post cards or other? Dr. Plawner found that postcards were working quite well for his office. He was getting and ROI of 1, 323%! So maybe he will send out postcards twice a year instead of just once.

Tip #3 – Under promise and over deliver! This is what Dr. Plawner calls internal marketing. Basically, the infrastructure of his practice, including everything from good service to competitive pricing and same day results. It’s important to exceed patient expectations. This is how you can get return patients and referral patients.

Read more about Dr. Plawner’s marketing experience here: 3 Dental Marketing Lessons (and Mistakes) From A Super Generalist In Practice 30+ Years.

All About Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneersPorcelain veneers are a great option for improving one’s smile. But have you ever wondered exactly how porcelain veneers are made and how long it takes? Dr. Grant Olson, a dentist in Springfield , MO, explains.

Porcelain veneers can be used to conceal chips, stains, gaps and even minor misalignment of teeth. They last decades if cared for properly. With new state of the art CEREC technology, dentists can usually perform the entire procedure in one single office visit.

Read all about this technology on how porcelain veneers can be designed, made, and placed all in one day from Dr. Grant Olson here: Missouri Dentist Explains How Porcelain Veneers Can Be Designed, Made, and Placed in a Day

Universal Numbering System For Teeth

Universal Numbering System Have you ever been to the dentist and noticed that they refer to your teeth by a number? Dentists refer to teeth using numbers rather than using the teeth names.  There are different numbering systems, but the most common is the Universal Numbering System.

In the Universal Numbering System the upper right third molar is tooth number 1.  The numbering continues along the upper teeth toward the front and across to the last molar on the left, number 16.  The bottom left third molar is number 17 on over to the last molar on the bottom right, number 32. In children’s teeth, it is a bit different.  It is the same numbering system, but from 1 to 20.

To see charts of the Universal Numbering System for teeth and to see other numbering systems, check out the article from here: Teeth Names & Numbers.

Why You Should Choose Dentistry For A Career

choose dentistryIf you have recently graduated and are wondering what the next step is, you may be considering a career in the health field.  The following are some reasons why you may want to choose dentistry for a career.

  • You want to help people – Because dentistry is a service oriented profession, you will be spending all your time helping people.  A career helping people can be very rewarding, especially if you make great improvements in their lives. There is instant gratification when you are able to end a horrible tooth ache for someone or improve someone’s smile significantly.
  • It’s a highly respected profession – The field of dentistry is highly respected and a dentist holds the title of doctor and is able to prescribe drugs, and perform surgeries.  Dentists are highly respected by the community and the majority of people have a positive opinion of dentists.
  • Dentistry is a stable career – A career in dentistry is stable because there is a strong demand for dentists all over the world. There are limited spots available in dental schools so as older dentists retire, there is a great demand.
  • Great income – The average dentist makes over $100,000 per year and the great thing about being a dentist is that you can determine how much you want to make based on how much you want to work.  Some dentists work less than 3 days a week and still make a great income. Dentists who work long days and even some weekends may earn above $300,000 per year.

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