Bad Breath Tips From Top Dentists

bad breath tipsMost likely you have experienced bad breath at some time in your life.  It could be from something you ate or drank, or if you smoke, or even if you are sick. Sometimes it is hard to combat, especially if it becomes a persistent issue. Just reaching for the mouthwash isn’t a long term solution.  According to some top dentists, these are some bad breath tips that will help you feel like your old self again.

Brush your tongue – When brushing your teeth, it is important to brush your tongue as well. Bacteria accumulates on the back surface of your tongue and can cause a strong odor.

Drink plenty of water – Your favorite drink may be increasing your chance of bad breath.  Coffee, tea and other drinks don’t hydrate your mouth as well as water.  When your mouth is dry, you have less saliva which allows bacteria to sit in your mouth longer and cause bad breath.

Brush after meals -If you only brush twice a day, you may want to consider increasing that amount.  If food remains on your teeth after meals, it causes bacteria and odor.

See your dentist – If you find that your breath is strong no matter what you do, it may suggest that something more is going on besides just poor hygiene. It is important to see your dentist to get to the bottom of it.

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Are Dentists Paying Too Much For Financial Advisors?

financial advisorIf you own a dental business, you may be paying for a financial advisor to help you out.  Are you paying too much? A recent poll found that many dentists don’t even know how much they are paying their financial advisors. In an article written by John McGill and Bret Miller, they give you advice on how much you should be paying your financial advisor.

Doctors and dentists can avoid these costly mistakes and generate the best rate of return by taking some of these recommendations. One of these tips is to hire a fee only advisor.  Read the full article, found on Dental Economics here: What’s the true cost of high investment fees? What every dentist should know about paying a financial advisor

Dentists Struggle To Retire

dentists struggle to retireAccording to the ADA, about 96% of dentists struggle to retire and maintain their lifestyle. In an article from Will Parrish on Dentistry IQ he explains that this is because dentists are stretched too thin.

Most dentists are the ones in charge of the whole practice, seeing virtually every patient and spending a great deal of time in the chair.  But too many dentists tend to take on too many other roles of their practice as well.  Many do their own payroll, accounting and HR.  This is the reason dentists are stretched too thin. These are duties that they could be hiring someone else to do.

So how does this impact a dentist’s ability to retire? Because dentists who feel the need to be in control of all these areas lose revenue. But what is the answer? Simply having more staff is not the answer.  It is important that the dental staff is placed into areas of strength and accountability. Another reason that it is difficult for dentists to retire comfortably is the fact that dentists work hard. Hard work is an honor.  This makes it difficult to give it all up.

Parrish offers some practical steps that dentists can take to address the issues:

  • Invest in your staff
  • Offer performance and production based bonuses
  • Be proactive in building your team of advisors
  • Make some time for you and your family

Why 96% Of Dentists Struggle To Retire: Stretched Too Thin|Dentistry IQ

Mobile Marketing For Dentists

mobile marketing for dentistsMobile marketing for dentists is a big thing right now as many people now access the internet through mobile devices rather than desktop PC’s.  When people go searching for a dentist on a mobile device, you want to be sure that you are accessible.

You should know that not all websites are mobile friendly.  They way that they are viewed on a desktop PC may not be how they are viewed on a mobile device.  There are three things that dentists should consider when deciding on mobile marketing for new patients.  To find out, read the full article from Social Dental Network here.


Squeezable Snacks May Be Hard On Teeth

squeezable snacksSqueezable snacks are small pouches full of organic pureed food for babies. They have become very handy for busy parents. They are easier to feed because they don’t require a spoon and they don’t need to be refrigerated or heated.  But there may be a downside to these squeezable snacks.

Dentists worry that they may be just a bad for your child’s teeth as it is to suck on sippy cups full of milk or juice all day. This is because of the constant exposure of sugar on their teeth. Carbohydrates in foods are used by bacteria to produce acid and the acid eats away at the enamel of the teeth and can cause cavities.

If you do want to use pouch foods, be sure to brush their teeth twice a day and have them rinse with water after eating the foods.

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