Dentists Discuss Tobacco Use

A recent study’s findings prove that dentists may play a pivotal role in curbing tobacco use.  The study conducted was in regards to how much dentists know about their patients’ tobacco use and how to prevent it. 90 percent of dental providers asked their patients about their tobacco use on a regular basis. 45 percent actually offered tobacco cessation assistance.dentists discuss tobacco use

To learn more about this study of tobacco patients and their dentists read the full article here: Study Claims Most Dentists Discuss Tobacco Use With Patients.

Ways Dentists Can Earn Extra Income

dentists can earn extra incomeDentists in private practice are growing more anxious about the future. This is because with the rise of corporate dentistry, low reimbursement rates, and fewer patients, dentist owned practices are often seeing a decrease in income.  There are some creative ways that dentists can earn extra income.

Dentists can make money through active action and passive action.  Active income is when dentists get a paycheck through their interactions with patients, filling cavities, cleanings and other dental work.  In order to increase active income, dentists can raise fees, or try and see more patients in the day which means rushing patients through.  Both of these ideas can cause patients to get angry and possibly even stop choosing that dental office.

Passive income is generating income without any physical involvement.  This option is less risky.  There are three ideas for passive income. Ancillary income happens when dentists sell professional products in their offices.  These can be electric toothbrushes, toothpastes, bleaching kits and other dental products. This may generate an extra $1000-$3000 each month.

Another option for passive income is to leverage staff.  If dental hygienists are working with patients, staff leverage is occurring.  This is a way for the dentist to make money without being involved in the procedures. This also allows the dentist more time to concentrate on performing procedures that may make them more money.

Lastly, reducing overhead is a good way to increase income, but it is not always easy.  It’s hard to determine what type of expenditures can be reduced without putting the practice at risk. Consider materials and supplies and where you are purchasing them.  Purchasing from a distributor can cost more.  If you purchase directly from the company and cut out the middle man you can save money.  Payroll is another area you can save. Bringing payroll in house instead of using a third party payroll provider will help.

Dentists Should Look Toward Alternative Methods To Generate Additional Income|GPP

Dentists Beware When Buying Dental Equipment Online

dental equipment onlineAuthorities are warning dentists who may purchase their dental equipment online from websites such as eBay or Amazon.  More than 12,000 pieces of poor quality, unapproved dental equipment have been seized in the past six months.

Some equipment is branded with actual brand names, but have been found to be fake. Quality is most important, so be sure that you are not forfeiting quality when you find great deals online. Read more about ongoing investigations here: Ovi Dental: DENTAL NEWS: Huge haul of fake dental equipment seized.

Dentists Helping Children With Autism

children with autismIf you are a parent of a child with autism, you may have found that a visit to the dentist is not an easy task.  Children with autism become accustomed to routine and the lights, odd noises and instruments can be enough to make them panic.

Parents of children with autism and other special needs have had difficulty finding dentists who will treat them.  In 2005, nearly three fifths of dentists said they would not provide care for children on the autism spectrum. But as more children receive diagnoses of autism, more dentists are now recognizing it and beginning to accommodate them. Continuing education programs are now available to help dentists and their staff use what they have learned in dental school and apply it to treating children with special needs.

Because not two children are alike, and because it is so important for all children to see the dentist regularly, this is a huge step in the right direction. Parents should remember this and don’t give up if you have one bad experience.  There is help out there, and it is becoming more available.

For Children With Autism, Opening A Door To Dental Care|New York Times

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry

Many people are interested in focusing on health and wellness through holistic forms of prevention and treatment.  Holistic dentistry can do this. Like other forms of medical treatment, it takes the patient’s entire state of wellness into account when preventing and diagnosing dental issues. A holistic dentist will evaluate the health of teeth and gums while also considering dietary habits and other lifestyle habits.  They also take into consideration the family medical history.

Most holistic dentists believe that the health of the mouth is connected to the other areas of the body such as the digestive systems and cardiovascular health. Holistic dentistry also involves using healthy materials such as metal free, amalgam free, and BPA free resin and high quality ceramics when restoring decayed teeth.

If you are interested in a holistic dentist you can read this article written a dentist who practices in the Dallas area.  If you live near, you can even visit!  Check it out here: Holistic Dentistry: What Should I Expect At My Initial Consultation?