DIY Orthodontics A Bad Idea

A recent trend filling up social media these days is DIY orthodontics.  People, mainly teenagers, are trying to straighten and fix their teeth on their own, without the help of an orthodontist.  Many teens use dental floss or rubber bands to try and close gaps and move their teeth.  Many different videos can be found on ways to do this on the internet.

diy orthodonticsIn an article from Dentistry Today, Dr. Juan Rendon, DDS, explains why this trend is a bad idea and can even be dangerous.  He explains that some people may be embarrassed of their teeth and because they don’t have the financial means to get braces may turn to DIY orthodontics.

One of the dangers of DIY orthodontics is that the rubber bands can slide to the roots of the tooth and even become embedded in the tissues to cause infections.  There are many other reasons that it is a bad idea to try DIY orthodontics.  Read the full article here: Brace Yourself for DIY Orthodontia