E-cigarettes And Teens

e-cigarettesE-cigarettes are especially popular among teens these days. The number of teens using e-cigarettes is rising. Dentists should be aware that teens who “vape” are more likely to try tobacco in the form of cigarettes, cigars and hookahs.

Nicotine is addictive and with adolescents it is especially dangerous because adolescence is a critical time for brain development.  Exposure to nicotine at a young age can cause lasting harm to brain development. Dentists who care for long term health of teens should be concerned. The effects of smoking on oral health include stained teeth and tongue and a dulled sense of taste and smell.  Not to mention the risk of oral cancer.

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Why Vapor From E-Cigarettes Is Dangerous

e-cigarettesThink that you’re doing your body a favor by using vapor E-cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes?  In this video clip from Dr. Oz, he explains that the vapor released from smoking e-cigarettes contains formaldehyde and heavy metals, which are toxic and harmful. Most E-cigarettes still contain nicotine as well which is very addictive.  Check out the video form Dr. Oz’s show here: Why Vapor From E-Cigarretes Is Dangerous | The Dr. Oz Show.