How To Handle A Dental Emergency

dental emergencyWhen it comes to a dental issue, some people may be less likely to recognize an emergency than they would with another health emergency. But you should know that if anything in your mouth becomes broken or damaged, it can be quite serious. Most dental issues can be fixed if you act quickly. Here are some examples of a dental emergency and how to handle it.

If a tooth is knocked out because of an accident or some other trauma your dentist may actually be able to replace it if you act quickly. You should pick up the tooth and rinse it off.  You can keep it in a small container of milk or salt water.  Then get to an emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

A dental abscess is something that can be growing overtime and turn into an emergency out of no where.  This is because bacteria in the gums because of neglected oral hygiene is constantly growing and causing more damage to your teeth. It can become an emergency when the build up becomes infected and the puss and infection causes a lot of pain. When it becomes extremely painful suddenly it will have to be drained by your dentist.

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