5 Post Ideas For Dental Practice

dental practiceYou’ve heard a lot about the importance of a social media presence to your dental practice.  Facebook and Twitter are both great options to post on for things that are going on at your office.  But when your posting daily, sometimes it gets a little bit difficult to decide what to post about.

Post planner lists 5 great post ideas for Facebook that will for sure be popular and fun for your patients and followers to read about.  They include things like, a humble brag, office party pictures, pictures of team members having fun, employees working with patients and celebrating with patients.

Read Post Planners entire article to see pictures and details of these great ideas for posting on social media here: 5 Facebook Post Ideas from Dental Marketing Pages that Work on ANY Page.

Which Is Best For Dentists? Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords

According to Chris Barnard at Social Dental Network, Both! Facebook advertising and Google Adwords will both be beneficial in your advertising campaign. They claim that dentists should utilize both Google and Facebook to maximize their new patient acquisition efforts.  Facebook’s new atlas ad network is really going to compete with Google, so why not make the most of 29625102-social-media-button-on-a-keyboardboth?  Read the full article on Social Dental Network here: Facebook Advertising Vs. Google Adwords | Social Dental Network.

Is Facebook Important for Your Dental Marketing?

13625253-like-it-buttonFacebook and other social media is a great way to help promote dental websites and businesses. Recently Facebook has prohibited “like-gating”. This was when users had to basically like or become a fan of a certain page before being able to access its content or participate in a contest. A lot of talk has been going around since then that it may now be pointless to get fans for your Facebook page. But in an article posted on Inside Facebook, they list 6 reasons why you should still acquire Facebook fans.

First, it becomes less expensive to reach your target on Facebook using paid media.  The more fans you have, the more people within your target audience you can reach with ads and social context. Next, the stronger the impact of Facebook advertising on brand metrics. Again, ads with social context generate 50% more ad recall than those without. The third reason to get fans is better ad optimization. You can test different variations of a message and see what generates the most reach and engagement. Fourth, it provides more information you can obtain about your target audience. The more fans you have, the more numerous organic feedback you’ll collect following your page posts.  This is a great way to understand your potential customers. Fifth, you can reach fans more often than non fans. Facebook allows you to reach your fans up to 4 times per day in the News Feed with ads as opposed to twice per day for non fans. And, lastly, greater organic reach. Because of Facebook’s success, the more qualified fans you have, the more you can expect to maintain.

6 Reasons Why You Still Need To Acquire New Facebook Fans | Inside Facebook

10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience

The imp23202781-social-media-communication-or-office-staff-meeting-or-kids-talking-the-vector-graphic-also-representortance of social media marketing in your dental practice is becoming more apparent all the time.  You have probably already started up a Facebook or Twitter account and maybe even other social media sites.  That’s good, you’re on the right track.  Hopefully you are starting to gain a large social media audience.  In a post by Isra Garcia on Social Media Today, he lists 10 ways how you can become indispensable to your social media audience.  These include things like communicating clearly, being individual, creating a good first impression and building bridges.  To learn more about these tips and to see all 10 of Isra’s tips check out the article here: 10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience | Social Media Today.