Are You Feeding Your Kids Cookies For Breakfast?

12925137-chocolate-chip-cookies-macroYou wouldn’t feed your kids cookies for breakfast, right? Unfortunately, you may be doing just that. According to a report published by the Environmental Working Group, U.S. breakfast cereals contain way to much sugar, far more than experts recommend. You may as well be feeding your kids cookies. Check out this article from Everyday Health to read more about this.  Would You Give Your Kid Cookies For Breakfast? You Probably Already Are.

Healthy Eating for Cheap

29452803-berriesEating healthy isn’t always easy.  Especially if you are trying to eat on a budget.  Healthier foods can sometimes cost more and it makes it difficult to ensure the quality of what we eat. But solutions do exist.  In an article from Eat Well 101, they list 8 ways for healthy eating, cheap. One tip is to eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day.  Another idea is to stay away from frozen meals.  This will save money and also save you from eating the processed and high sodium foods.  To see all 8 tips from Eat Well 101, read the article here: Healthy Eating for Cheap – Cheap Healthy Meals – Guides to Healthy Eating — Eat Well 101.

100 Best Health and Longevity Tips

10519190-attractive-young-woman-on-a-run-in-natureThere is so much in the media about how to lose weight, stay healthy and live longer.  It can be rather confusing and overwhelming. In an article from “Susan’s Food For Thought”, Susan lists 100 best ever health and longevity tips: Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, eliminate refined sugar, breath deeply as often as you can, stop dieting, read, dance and sing.  These are just a few of the things you can do to have a better, and longer life.  To read the full list click here: 100 BEST Ever Health & Longevity Tips! |.

Healthy Tips For You And Your Family

5369229-fresh-vegetables-isolated-on-white-backgroundSchool is back in for most of us now and our kids are working on getting back into the swing of things. Now is a great opportunity to start creating some new healthy habits for the whole family. Here are five healthy tips to get the ball rolling.

Eat a nutritious breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This is our chance to help our kids get a great start on the day. Include healthy doses of fiber, calcium and protein into your child’s breakfast.

Limit liquid calories – This is the easiest place to start limiting sugar. Sugary drinks like soda, juice and energy drinks are just empty calories.  Try milk or water instead.

Increase fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and nutrients and low in calories. Keep pre-washed produce available to grab and eat when your child gets hungry.

Plan family dinners – The best way to get your kids to eat healthy is to engage them in the planning.  Have them help you plan healthy options for dinner such as steamed veggies, whole wheat pasta and low calorie sources of protein such as chicken or fish.

Practice portion control – Minding your portions as well as those of your kids is another great way to manage calories. Allow occasional treats instead of banning foods altogether.

5 Healthy Back-to-School Tips | Dr. Lisa Young.

Surprising Sources of Hidden Sugar

30752913-chocolate-chip-cookie-with-almond-and-coffee-cupYou may be trying to eat healthy and to stay away from sugar.  You probably don’t want the extra calories and want to take good care of your body and teeth.  But, there may be added sugar lurking in the foods that you think are healthy.  In a slideshow on WebMD, they show 12 different foods that are surprising sources of hidden sugar.  Things like salad dressing, dried fruit, tea and even ketchup.  To see the slideshow click here: Slideshow: Surprising Sources of Hidden Sugar.