Healthy Habits For Your Teeth

healthy habitsNobody cares more about your smile then your dental hygienist. Not only are they there to clean your teeth twice a year, but to offer advice and tips on how to keep your teeth clean at home.  It may feel like a lecture, but don’t ignore these healthy habits for your teeth.

In a slide show article from U.S. News, Lisa Esposito lists some of these healthy habits for your teeth as per your dental hygienist.  It includes things such as fighting bacteria by brushing and flossing. Keeping your routine dental appointments as it is important to get your teeth deep cleaned twice a year.  Limiting coffee and soda as they contain acids and sugars that lead to tooth erosion and cavities. There are many other ways to maintain that super smile. Check out the full slide show with all the tips you need to keep your smile shining here:

Healthy Dental Habits Away From Home

healthy habitsSummer is coming to an end and most kids are now back to school. This means that they will be eating lunch away from home. Now is the time to think about healthy dental habits away from home and making healthy choices when it comes to lunch. Here are some tips to help promote healthy dental habits.

  • Eat healthy foods at home – A healthy diet improves your child’s physical health and dental health. If you choose healthy foods at home, it will be easier to choose healthy foods at school as well.
  • Pack fruits and dairy – Fruits help to satisfy your child’s sweet cravings and get the proper nutrients. Milk helps their bones and teeth. String cheese or a carton of milk are great options for your child’s lunch box.
  • Avoid sticky, sugary foods – Food that is sticky, crunchy or sugary can promote cavities. Frequent sugar consumption is one of the worst things for your teeth and can cause tooth decay. Check sugar content on labels before packing foods into their lunch.
  • Promote dental care – Participate in your child’s morning and evening teeth cleaning routines. Be a good example by practicing oral hygiene yourself. Remember, healthy habits start at home.

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