Public Speaking On Anesthetic

If you’ve ever watched Impractical Jokers, you know that one of the jokers must endure a punishment each episode.  In this hysterical clip, Murr, the one being punished, has to teach a cooking class after being given shots of anesthetic in his mouth.  The stuff they give you at the dentist to numb your mouth when you are getting a procedure done.

This is nothing short of hilarious as Murr tries to talk with a numb mouth, spitting on himself and others!  Check it out.

Prank at the Dentist’s Office – Impractical Jokers on YouTube

This hilarious video clip is a classic Impractical Jokers prank. If you have ever watched the Impractical Jokers, you know how funny they can be.  If you haven’t, you will love this video clip anyway.  This poor guy thinks he’s going to the dentist for his routine dental check-up and is in for quite the visit!

▶ Impractical Jokers – Prank at the Dentist’s Office – YouTube.