Types Of Teeth

types of teethAs you know, teeth come in different shapes and sizes so that they can perform different functions.  But do you know the different types of teeth?  The types of permanent teeth are incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

Incisors – These teeth are the cutting teeth. They are located at the center of the dental arch. You have eight incisors total. Incisors are flat and shaped kind of like a shovel with a straight cutting edge that allows you to bite and cut into food.

Canines – These are also known as eye teeth, or cuspids. They are located next to the incisors towards the edge of the mouth. You have 4 canines.  They have a sharp, pointy edge, used to rip and tear foods.

Premolars – Also known as bicuspids are located after the canines toward the back of the mouth. You have 8 bicuspids.  Premolars are kind of a combination between canines and molars.  They have two cusps on their upper side and a broader surface for chewing and grinding, but also some sharp points for piercing and ripping.

Molars – These are the teeth located at the back of the dental arch. You have 12 molars.  The last set of molars, farthest back in your mouth, are known as wisdom teeth and often they don’t erupt properly in the mouth and may need to be removed. Molars perform most of the chewing by crushing and grinding the food before swallowing.

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