Gum Disease And Kaposis Sarcoma

Kaposi's SarcomaMore evidence that gum disease can cause other health related issues is now evidence in studies from Case Western Reserve University. It’s been found that fatty acids from bacteria that are present in gum disease may cause Kaposis Sarcoma (an oral cancer) related lesions and tumors in the mouth.

If these lesions or tumors are found, they can be tested and hopefully treated for cancer before it would become malignant. Early detection is the key to surviving Kaposis Sarcoma. It seems that people with HIV are even more susceptible to this type of cancer that can be tied to gum disease.  The fact of the matter remains, excellent oral hygiene is so important not only for the mouth, but for overall health.  Read more about the study in the article on Dentistry Today here: Bacteria Causing Gum Disease May Lead To Oral Cancer Growth.