Add Milk To Tea To Avoid Tooth Stains

tooth stainsIf you love to drink coffee or tea, you may have noticed that it tends to stain your teeth. There are many whitening methods out there to help, but a recent study has shown that adding milk to your tea may help to avoid tooth stains.

The study, which appeared in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, states that the way tea is processed is what leads to tooth stains. But the study also showed that milk can lower its power to discolor teeth. It may be because of the casein that is in the milk binding with the tannins in the tea which prevents the teeth from being stained.

The study was done using extracted human teeth. Some of the teeth were placed in a solution of tea while others were placed in tea mixed with milk. The teeth were left for 24 hours and the color of the teeth was recorded before and after. Results of the teeth in the tea mixed with milk showed less stains.

Adding Milk To Tea May Limit Staining|Dentistry Today

Are Healthy Treats Ruining Your Child’s Teeth?

9213709-dried-apricots-and-prunes-isolated-on-a-white-backgroundMany middle class parents are finding out that the healthy treats they are giving their children are causing severe tooth decay. Tooth decay used to be more commonly associated with children living in poverty, but some new figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre in England, show that almost 26,000 children between five and nine have been hospitalized for multiple tooth extractions.  In some cases, dentists have no choice but to remove all 20 baby teeth from patients.

So what is causing so much tooth decay in these children?  It’s actually the treats their parents are giving them that they think are healthy.  Many so called healthy snacks are full of sugar.  Apple juice or other fruit juices are a popular treat for children.  Parents are willing to give it to them because it is full of vitamins.  But it is also full of sugars and acid.

Cavities are caused by decay, which occurs when bacteria reacts with sugar in the mouth.  Cavities are also caused by acids erosion which happens when acid in food or drink comes in direct contact with tooth enamel.  Juice is especially dangerous when given in sippy cups.  Sipping on juice all day long just allows the sugar and acid to sit in the mouth.

Other culprits besides juicboy brushinge are dried fruit snacks.  These seem like a healthy alternative to chips or cookies, but they are concentrated forms of fructose which reacts with the bacteria in the mouth.  They are also sticky and cling to the spaces between teeth for hours causing more damage.

Milk is another drink that can cause issues.  It contains lactose and can also cause even more damage if drank from a bottle or sippy cup because it is in contact with teeth for extended periods.

So what can parents do to stop their children from developing cavities at a young age?  Proper brushing, twice a day, with fluoride toothpaste is critical. Parents should be responsible for helping to brush and floss their children’s teeth until they are eight. Drink juices and milk sparingly and drink a lot of water.

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