Make Your Mobile Dental Site Amazing

mobile dental siteNot only is it important to have a website for your dental practice, but it is important to make that site mobile friendly as well. Having a mobile dental site is important because people are on the move and many do all their internet searching one a mobile device rather than a desktop. In an article from Dusty Ross of Epic Commerce, you can find 7 tips to make your mobile site amazing.

Layout – This is one of the most important elements of making a mobile website.  Web pages don’t usually load as fast on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop with high speed internet.  So you want your layout short and sweet so that a user doesn’t have to navigate through a ton of information.

White Space – You may think that you should cram as much information as possible into every bit of space possible, but this isn’t the case.  White space isn’t a waste.  It makes your page look cleaner and it makes your visitors able to find what they are looking for easier.

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