Make Your Mobile Dental Site Amazing

mobile dental siteNot only is it important to have a website for your dental practice, but it is important to make that site mobile friendly as well. Having a mobile dental site is important because people are on the move and many do all their internet searching one a mobile device rather than a desktop. In an article from Dusty Ross of Epic Commerce, you can find 7 tips to make your mobile site amazing.

Layout – This is one of the most important elements of making a mobile website.  Web pages don’t usually load as fast on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop with high speed internet.  So you want your layout short and sweet so that a user doesn’t have to navigate through a ton of information.

White Space – You may think that you should cram as much information as possible into every bit of space possible, but this isn’t the case.  White space isn’t a waste.  It makes your page look cleaner and it makes your visitors able to find what they are looking for easier.

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Mobile Marketing For Dentists

mobile marketing for dentistsMobile marketing for dentists is a big thing right now as many people now access the internet through mobile devices rather than desktop PC’s.  When people go searching for a dentist on a mobile device, you want to be sure that you are accessible.

You should know that not all websites are mobile friendly.  They way that they are viewed on a desktop PC may not be how they are viewed on a mobile device.  There are three things that dentists should consider when deciding on mobile marketing for new patients.  To find out, read the full article from Social Dental Network here.


Mobile Website For Your Dental Practice

30549515-mobile-smart-phone-on-black-grained-backgroundYour dental practice website is often the first impression that people have of your business. More than half of all searches for businesses come from mobile devices.  It is important that your site be a mobile website as well, or you could be losing prospective patients.

A few things to consider about your mobile website: Mobile sites need to function on all devices.  Avoid flash programming and animation. Your site needs to load quickly on a mobile phone and should be simple and easy to navigate. Buttons and navigation items should be large and easy to select using an index finger.

Lastly, your contact information and directions to your dental practice should be front and center.  These are the best ways you can make your mobile website successful and find future patients.

Dentists: Does Your Website Respect Your Patients?.