Natural Remedies To Cure A Toothache

toothacheMost toothaches occur when the root of a tooth is irritated. This may be because of tooth decay, gum disease or infection.  Tooth pain can also occur after a tooth extraction.  So what can you do to ease the pain?  Here are some ideas on natural remedies to cure a toothache.

One way to cure a toothache that is caused by gum disease or infection is a remedy made with the following natural products. First, put several drops of wild oregano oil under the tongue.  After a few minutes, rinse your mouth with colloidal silver.

Another thing to try is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water and massage the gums with oregano oil.

Ginger is another natural remedy.  Take a piece of fresh ginger and place it in your mouth over the infected tooth.  The pain should diminish after a few minutes.

Clove essential oil kills bacteria and relieves pain from a toothache. Try soaking a cotton ball in the oil and apply it around the infected tooth.

A teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with ½ teaspoon of vinegar also helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Use this mixture to rinse the mouth.

Lastly, using a cold pack on the outside of the mouth temporarily relieves pain from a toothache.  If a toothache is keeping you awake at night, this may be just enough to numb the area so you can get some sleep.

If you have a toothache for more than a few days, or if it gets worse each day, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

How To Relieve A Toothache And Dental Infection Naturally|All Healthy News