Mobile Marketing For Dentists

mobile marketing for dentistsMobile marketing for dentists is a big thing right now as many people now access the internet through mobile devices rather than desktop PC’s.  When people go searching for a dentist on a mobile device, you want to be sure that you are accessible.

You should know that not all websites are mobile friendly.  They way that they are viewed on a desktop PC may not be how they are viewed on a mobile device.  There are three things that dentists should consider when deciding on mobile marketing for new patients.  To find out, read the full article from Social Dental Network here.


Ideas For Online Marketing Your Dental Practice

12727691-marketing-conceptLet’s face it. Nobody uses a phone book anymore.  If someone is looking for a service, they look online.  When a potential patient is looking for a dental practice, they will look online for a practice that can fulfill all their needs.  There are some different ways you can use online marketing for your dental practice to your favor.

Know your customer – Be sure to fully understand who your customer is.  Consider gender, income, geography, nationality and age. This is called a buyer persona. Target your message for that persona.

Social media – Be present where consumers search.  Use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and blogs and create business profile pages. Highlight your mission statement and be sure to have your contact information easily visible. Showcase your customers with photos and encourage them to write online reviews.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Optimize your website’s content by using key terms within the site. Implement other on site and off site SEO strategies so that your site can be found easily in searches.

Lastly, to learn more about great ways to market your dental practice online check out this article on Link Media 360: Marketing Considerations For The Dental Industry.