Red Flags For Children’s Oral Health

children's oral healthThere are certain conditions that can occur throughout your child’s growth that may be red flags for children’s oral health. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should talk with your dentist so you can get it taken care of.

Baby Bottle Syndrome – This happens when a baby is constantly taking in milk, formula, breast milk, or fruit juice. For instance, if your baby is sleeping with a bottle of liquid during the night.  This allows sugar to remain on the teeth and can encourage bacteria growth and cause tooth decay.

Decayed or Missing Baby Teeth – One of the purposes of baby teeth is to serve as a pattern for placement of permanent teeth. If there are decayed or missing baby teeth, this can result in crooked permanent teeth. If children have crooked permanent teeth they can have trouble chewing as well as trouble maintaining good oral hygiene.

Thumb Sucking – Thumb sucking is a normal activity that provides comfort for an infant. But thumb sucking after permanent teeth have erupted (around five years of age) can create many problems. It can cause shifting in the teeth and may affect speech, and dental hygiene.

Tongue Thrusting – This is a condition where the child presses the tongue against the lips with force that can lead to protrusion of teeth.

Poor Nutrition – Be sure to choose fruits and vegetables for snacks.  Limit sugary, sticky foods that can cause tooth decay. Clean teeth after meals and give your child water as often as possible.

Red Flags For Poor Oral Health In Your Child|Consumer Guide To Dentistry