Social Media Tips For Your Dental Business

dental businessSocial media has awesome benefits for local businesses including your dental business. It is not always easy to link your social media association with profits, but by growing your online presence you will certainly make more people aware of your local business.

Besides having a Facebook page for your dental business, be sure that people can “check-in” when they visit.  This allows all of their Facebook friends to learn of your practice when your clients come in. Another popular social media outlet is Twitter.  Open a Twitter account and tweet about local events, promotions or special services you may be offering at your practice.

YouTube is another great social media tool.  Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine out there? Create any type of informative, funny and creative video that deals with your practice and upload it to YouTube.  Be sure to post about it on Facebook and Twitter when you are done uploading. You can also ask customers to upload videos to your YouTube channel that are pertinent.  Funny videos of patients coming out of anesthesia are all the rage nowadays!

LinkedIn is also a wonderful social media outlet.  LinkedIn profiles rank highest in Google searches and so you definitely need to get your profile listed there if you haven’t already. Attach photos wherever you can in your Facebook posts, tweets, and other social media posts. Snap photos of your patients, or staff at work or having fun. Tag people in the photo so they can share it too.

Lastly, create a blog that links to your dental business website and blog weekly about local events, promotions and services.  You can blog about anything dental and answer questions your customers may have.  Focus on rich content and use keywords and phrases. Post links to your blog posts on all your social media forums.

10 Social Media Tips For Local Businesses|Soshable

26 Reasons To Have A Dental Blog

14622867-inscription-on-the-cubes-of-green-blog-on-a-white-backgroundSocial media is important for any business nowadays.  One way to be social and bring business to your practice is by having a dental blog.  In an article by Smile Savvy they give 26 reasons why your dental practice needs a blog.  These reasons include things like the fact that search engines love fresh and useful content.  Blog posts can be loaded with relevant keywords.  A blog can attract new patients that are searching for dental advice and provide an interactive place for patients and dentists.

These are just a few of the 26 reasons your dental practice needs a blog.  See the full list on the Smile Savvy blog here: 26 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs a Blog – Smile Savvy.