How To Create Engaging Content

create engaging contentIn order to show up in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, you need to create engaging content. Strong social signals get you higher rankings and increased traffic. So how do you create engaging content to help your marketing efforts?

First, know your audience. Shape content specifically for your largest audience.  So if you are a dentist, your audience will be other dentists and your patients. Work on collecting demographic data that will help you to know the right content for your target audience. It will also help you to know the right times to post.  The times of day that you get the most likes, comments, shares and retweets.

Also, be sure that you are current in your posts. Content based on recent news or innovations in your industry help others to join in on the conversation. Use hashtags and images to get more people involved. Be consistent.  The more consistent you are in posting on social media, the more familiar your name will be to your audience and the more comfortable they will feel in communicating with you.

Lastly, engage with your audience through engaged employees.  Employee participation gives your brand a voice, and is another key in forming a connection. If you are promoting a dental practice, have your staff create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc and hold conversations.  They can be engaging as well.

Social Media 101: How To Create Engaging Content|Search Engine Journal

Dental Videos To Boost Social Media

dental videosAre you using videos in your dental marketing?  If so, you are probably looking for ways to increase shares and interactions with those videos.  In an article from Tom Treanor on Social Media Examiner, you can find seven ways dental videos can boost your social media efforts.

1. Greet your Facebook fans with a video.  Facebook allows you to select a featured video to appear on your “about” page.  Be sure to choose a video that is a good representation of your business so when your visitors watch it they will know what your dental office is like.  If you would like to create a video for your Facebook page, try a tool like GoAnimate.

2. Use video posts to expand your reach on Facebook.  According to studies, video posts have the best reach of any type of Facebook post.

3. YouTube channel trailer.  If you have a YouTube channel, which you should, set up a trailer.  This is a video that plays automatically for visitors who aren’t subscribed to your channel. It is like the pitch to entice visitors to subscribe to your channel.  Make it short and to the point but interesting.

4. Build a YouTube channel with curated videos. If you haven’t gotten the chance to create your own videos yet you can still build a presence on YouTube.  Curate the best YouTube videos that are posted by other users and related to your niche.  Put them in playlists on your channel.

Read the other 3 tips to boost social media with dental videos by checking out the full article by Tom Treanor here: 7 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.

Increase Interactions In Your Dental Social Media

interactionsSocial media marketing has various objectives. Branding, awareness of your business, community building, traffic, conversions, or all of the above. But none of these objectives will be successful for your business if you don’t have the interactions that you need.  That is, how many people are actually listening to what you say and talking back? If you are talking and no one is listening, all your social media efforts are a huge waste of time.  But the more interactions you receive, the further your messages spread. In an article form Ann Smarty, of Search Engine Journal, she teaches you some ways you can increase your social media interactions.

First, be sure to complete your social media profiles.  For any social media site you are on, you need to have an avatar, name and bio, website, cover image and your location.  If you are missing any of this information your profile doesn’t look authentic and won’t be seen as much.  Be sure to provide info about yourself, your business and your hobbies.

Next, research your competitors and niche influencers.  Find out where other dentists are on social media and the times that they are most active. There are tools that can help you do this.  One is Birdsong Analytics.

You need to cross promote, but while doing so, remember that every social media platform is different.  Don’t just post the exact same thing to every social media site. Understand what works best on each social media site and re-package your message accordingly.

Participate in active groups and communities. Joining discussions is one of the best ways to boost your interactions. Spend some time browsing groups and decide which ones are best and then stick with them.

Do some experimenting to find out the best time to post. There are some tools that can help you find out which posts are getting the most interaction.  This will give you some idea on what times you have the most success with.

Lastly, promote your promoters.  People are more likely to interact with your content if they feel appreciated.  If they are commenting or liking your stuff, thank them for doing so and then do the same for them.

How To Build Interactions On Social Media|Search Engine Journal

Twitter Releases New Curator Tool

curatorTwitter has released a new tool designed to help you find the tweets with the most value, insight and influence, based on parameters that you set.  This tool is called Curator and can be very useful for your marketing campaign.

For example, you can set the parameters to display tweets from people with more followers or display tweets that have been most retweeted.  You can even choose to display tweets of a certain topic or hashtag. Once you have this curated stream of tweets, you can even display it on your dental website to help increase your presence on the web.

Right now Curator is only available by invite. To get an invite for your business, and to read about how Twitter describes this new product, click here.

The Science of Persuasion in Social Media

persuasionNow that you have built up a social media strategy for your dental business or any other business you may have, are you sure you are using the right tactics to attract new clients?  In an article written by Lauren Monitz on Search Engine Journal, she suggests using the power of persuasion in your social media strategy.

She talks about Robert Cialdini and his six principles of persuasion that are used in many businesses. See how she applies these six principles to social media: reciprocity, commitment (and consistency), social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity.

The Science of Persuasion in Social Media | SEJ.