Sugar Smart App Tells You How Much Sugar Your Child Consumes

sugar smartThe Change4Life healthy eating campaign in the United Kingdom has released a free app that scans the barcodes of food and beverages and then tells you how much sugar the products have in them.  This app is called Sugar Smart, and is a way to help decrease the amount of tooth decay in children.

The recommended daily maximum sugar intake for children is between 19 to 30 grams. Many foods and drinks that our children consume have much more than this in one product alone!

The app will help parents to see what their children are consuming that contains the most sugar so they can make better choices for them. It also gives hints and tips on how to cut down on sugar.

Learn more about this Sugar Smart app and how it can help you here:  App Tells You How Much Sugar Is in Your Food | Dentistry Today

Is Sugar The Only Cause Of Tooth Decay?

sugar cause of tooth decayWe all know that sugar is not good for our bodies and teeth, but is it the only cause of tooth decay?  A new report says “yes”. New research published in the journal BMC Public Health states that sugars are the only cause of tooth decay in kids and adults.

WHO (World Health Organization) has released new guidelines for sugar consumption.  They state that only 5% of a person’s total daily calories should come from sugar.

Alexandra Sifferlin from Time Magazine writes more about this recent study.  See it here: Sugar Is the Only Cause of Tooth Decay, Study Says | TIME.

Seasonal Beverages Can Cause Tooth Decay

We all know that sugar can be a cause of tooth decay.  But some recent studies have shown that to be true even more with tooth decay rising at an alarming rate with sugar consumption. Seasonal beverages that contain pumpkin and spice and are very popular this time of year can be a huge source of extra sugar consumption.31213710-iced-coffee-with-straw-in-plastic-cup-for-take-aways  Many coffee shops all around have announced their delicious beverages, but you should be aware of the sugar content in many of these.

These warm, sweetened, coffee beverages may smell like pumpkin and even be the color of pumpkin, but unfortunately, in most cases the color and taste are a result of artificial flavoring and coloring. With fructose being the main ingredient in pumpkin spice syrup, these beverages are not a good choice if we are trying to keep our teeth free of cavities.

Dentists everywhere who are concerned about the increasing rates of tooth decay as a result of sugar consumption have warned that consumers should be wary of seasonal beverages like the pumpkin spice latte.  In most cases, they have very little positive nutritional value.

Seasonal Beverages With High Sugar Content Raise Tooth Decay Concerns | Liberty Voice