Sun Blisters on Lips

It’s summer time and the nice weather beckons us outside.  We all know how important it is to use sunscreen to protect our skin when we play outdoors, 22991212-dune-landscape-in-summertime-with-scots-pine-or-pinus-sylvestris-trees-in-the-background-and-hot-yelbut what about our lips?  Sun blisters on lips can be painful and irritating. Lip balm with sun protection factor (SPF) is just as important as sunscreen for the rest of our body.

Sun blisters on lips can be small and hardly noticeable or they may be large and more painful.  If not treated, these blisters can cause pain and lead to infection.  If you do end up with sun blisters there are some ways you can relieve the pain and treat them from home.

Relieving pain from sun blisters on lips can be done first and foremost by taking a pain medication such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  Cooling gels that contain aloe vera or antihistamines can also be applied to sun blisters to ease pain.  Keep the area dry and cool and free from irritants.

Once you have eased some of the pain, take some steps to help the sun blisters on lips heal more quickly. Firstly, don’t try to pop the blisters, this won’t help and can lead to infection. Clean the blister regularly and apply antibiotic ointment.  Avoid petr21303829-green-getaway-relaxation-in-peaceoleum based products or lotions that contain benzocaine or lidocaine.

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Is Your Dental Routine Ready For Summer?

We all know how busy summer can get and you don’t want your dental routine to be one of the things that gets left in the dust. A dental routine is important for you and your family, especially in the summer when it becomes more difficult to keep up a routine with vacations and camps and other things. Sandy Johnson provides some great resources on her blog on ways that you can keep your teeth clean and healthy all summer long no matter what you have planned.  Check it out here.18817562-toothpaste

Summer Safety Tips for Your Teeth

With the warmth and sunshine of summer also comes changes in activities, and sometimes some of those things can be harmful to our health, and teeth.

boy on beach smiling

Here are 4 tips to help you enjoy summer without hurting your oral health while doing so:

  1. Teeth are not tools! Avoid opening cans, bottles, bags, et cetera with your teeth! This bad habit can create hairline fractures, diminish the integrity of your enamel and teeth and cause tooth cracking or even loss. Also, avoid chewing ice.
  2. Protect your mouth during sports. With summer sports starting up, keep safety a number one priority! Wearing a mouth guard is an inexpensive and easy way to prevent injuries to your teeth and mouth as a whole.
  3. Don’t overindulge in sweets. Nothing says summer like an ice-cold cola or sweet ice cream cone, right? But these products can mean trouble for your oral health. Eat and drink sugary snacks and drinks in moderation and try to focus consumption in a meal rather than throughout the day or slowly so you can brush immediately after.
  4. Use lip balm with an SPF no less than 15. Most of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer to protect us from the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. But sometimes our lips are  forgotten about. A couple swipes of a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 every few hours can go a long way when it comes to protecting your lips from sunburn.

Summer time is a time for fun in the sun! And by keeping these four tips in mind, you can maximize that fun without guilt or throwing your health to the wayside.

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