Oral Surgery Instruments

This informative YouTube video created by Anders Nattestad explains in detail the different types of oral surgery instruments. You will learn what a typical setup for surgery is and how each instrument is used.  If you have thought about becoming an oral surgeon or are in school now to become one, this video about oral surgery instruments may be very helpful to you. Check it out!

How Blood Thinners Affect Oral Surgery

Daily aspirin regimens and the use of blood thinners have helped to improve and prolong the life for many people. People who15918850-doctor-ready have undergone advanced surgical procedures, like heart surgery and vessel repair are often put on blood thinners. If you are someone that has or needs oral surgery for one reason or another, you may want to know how being on the blood thinners will affect this surgery. Oral surgeons find themselves in positions where they have to work around bleeding concerns and bleeding tendencies.  Because of advanced techniques and technology, they are able to perform many procedures without the patient going off their medications.

Some of the things an oral surgeon will do to minimize bleeding during the surgery are first to clean out infection at extraction sites more thoroughly. They will control bleeding points with proper surgical training and instrumentation.   There are also medications and material that they can use at the surgical sites which promote clotting for proper healing.

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