Are You Skipping Nighttime Brushing?

nighttime brushingWe all know how it feels when it’s late and you’re so tired, you just want to go to bed without brushing your teeth. It can’t do that much harm to skip nighttime brushing right? Wrong! Dentists have told us to brush morning and night for good reason.  Here are reasons why nighttime brushing is the most important time to brush.

Your mouth is drier at night – During the day your mouth produces a lot of saliva to help cleanse your teeth.  It keeps your mouth moist for talking and chewing all while rinsing away bacteria that are left behind from the foods you eat.  It also neutralizes harmful acids in your mouth.  At night your saliva secretion decreases dramatically so your mouth is more susceptible.

Plaque on your teeth can mature overnight – Plaque begins to buildup as soon as 20 minutes after you eat or drink. If you don’t brush before bed, the plaque is able to mature undisturbed for the entire night while you sleep.  This will lead to more acid and eventually cavities.

Bad breath – Morning breath happens even when you do brush before bed, so imagine the odors that will be there if you don’t brush at night.

Nighttime is the period of recovery for your teeth from the wear and tear of the day.  If you leave food and bacteria on your teeth, you are not giving them that chance to recover while you sleep.  So even though it is tempting at times, do not skip nighttime brushing!

Why You Should Never Skip Nighttime Brushing|Grateful Dental

Change Your Toothbrush – Change Your Life

change your toothbrushYour toothbrush is the most commonly used preventive healthcare device used by people today.  But, is it making you sick? The mouth is the most contaminated part of the human body. So if you change your toothbrush, you may change your life.

Preventative care is the most effective way to improve the health of the U.S. The toothbrush is the most commonly used preventive healthcare device and yet it is making people sick. Brushing your teeth is supposed to be the first line of defense against illness.  When brushing twice a day, you remove pathogens from the mouth.  But this leaves your toothbrush contaminated with up to 100 million germs, and most people use the same toothbrush for months or even more than a year before changing it.

Besides being contaminated with bacteria from your mouth, most people leave their toothbrushes out in the open, near dirty toilets and sinks. Toothbrushes are touched by other people’s hands and other people’s toothbrushes, adding even more contaminants.

So what is the solution? Regular replacement of your toothbrush will help to avoid costly health procedures and infections that may be brought on by the germs on your brush. Not only daily brushing, but the regular replacement of your toothbrush is the best preventative care you can offer your body.

Can Changing Your Toothbrush Change Your Life?|Good Mouth

Toothbrush Head Design Is Important

toothbrush headWe’ve learned that improper storage of our toothbrushes can increase bacteria, but what about the design of the toothbrush head? In a study of electric toothbrushes with different brush head designs, it was found that those with a solid head retained less bacteria compared to those with a hollow head.

The study had participants brush their teeth twice a day with one of three assigned electric toothbrushes.  After three weeks, the researchers noticed that the microbial counts were lower in the solid head brush group than in the hollow head brush group.

While there is no scientific evidence that bacterial growth on toothbrushes leads to poor health, it is known that some microorganisms are associated with systemic diseases like cancer or cardiovascular disease.  So it seems that toothbrush head design is important.

Brush Head Design Determines Bacterial Growth On Toothbrushes|Dental Tribune

Toothbrush Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

14113501-two-tooth-brushes-over-whiteBecause proper oral hygiene is such an important aspect of your overall health, it would make sense that your toothbrush also plays an important role.  Brushing twice a day with the wrong toothbrush, or one that is overdue for replacement, is not doing you any favors.  Here are some toothbrush mistakes that you are probably making.

Using the wrong toothbrush – If the toothbrush you have chosen is too big, too small, too hard, or too soft, then you are not getting the proper oral hygiene.  Especially if the brush you picked is too big, then you can’t get to the hard to reach areas and are probably leaving behind bits of food that turn into plaque and rot your teeth.

Not replacing it often enough – Most people do not replace their toothbrush often enough.  Your toothbrush should be replaced at least every 3 months and if you get sick, not matter what.  Toothbrushes harbor the nasty germs that our mouths have and the bristles also get worn and won’t clean as well. Buying a new toothbrush every few months will save you money in the long run because you won’t be spending loads of money at the dentist fixing your teeth.

Not letting it dry – Another gross mistake that people make is not letting their toothbrush air dry.  You may think that you are doing the right thing by keeping it in the medicine cabinet away from other bathroom germs, but it is important for it to dry out so that it doesn’t grow more bacteria and mold.

Three Gross Toothbrush Mistakes You’re Probably Making | Home Teeth Whitenings

If a $4,000 Toothbrush Doesn’t Make You Happy, Nothing Will!

8382321-piggy-bank-face-with-a-coin-over-it-the-front-view-3d-render-hi-res--isolated-on-white-backgroundAdmit it, we all enjoy watching those reality shows on t.v. with the rich and famous celebrities.  It’s fun to watch how they can spend oodles of money on things that normal people wouldn’t think twice about.  Expensive cars, yachts, airplanes, even designer handbags and clothing.  But, a new item for the rich and famous is coming on the market.  A $4,000 toothbrush!  This toothbrush is made from the finest products and claims to have the best design.  Check out the article on Gizmodo about this special toothbrush here:  If a $4,000 Toothbrush Doesn’t Make You Happy, Nothing Will.