Bad Breath Tips From Top Dentists

bad breath tipsMost likely you have experienced bad breath at some time in your life.  It could be from something you ate or drank, or if you smoke, or even if you are sick. Sometimes it is hard to combat, especially if it becomes a persistent issue. Just reaching for the mouthwash isn’t a long term solution.  According to some top dentists, these are some bad breath tips that will help you feel like your old self again.

Brush your tongue – When brushing your teeth, it is important to brush your tongue as well. Bacteria accumulates on the back surface of your tongue and can cause a strong odor.

Drink plenty of water – Your favorite drink may be increasing your chance of bad breath.  Coffee, tea and other drinks don’t hydrate your mouth as well as water.  When your mouth is dry, you have less saliva which allows bacteria to sit in your mouth longer and cause bad breath.

Brush after meals -If you only brush twice a day, you may want to consider increasing that amount.  If food remains on your teeth after meals, it causes bacteria and odor.

See your dentist – If you find that your breath is strong no matter what you do, it may suggest that something more is going on besides just poor hygiene. It is important to see your dentist to get to the bottom of it.

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