Universal Numbering System For Teeth

Universal Numbering System Have you ever been to the dentist and noticed that they refer to your teeth by a number? Dentists refer to teeth using numbers rather than using the teeth names.  There are different numbering systems, but the most common is the Universal Numbering System.

In the Universal Numbering System the upper right third molar is tooth number 1.  The numbering continues along the upper teeth toward the front and across to the last molar on the left, number 16.  The bottom left third molar is number 17 on over to the last molar on the bottom right, number 32. In children’s teeth, it is a bit different.  It is the same numbering system, but from 1 to 20.

To see charts of the Universal Numbering System for teeth and to see other numbering systems, check out the article from MouthandTeeth.com here: Teeth Names & Numbers.