Prepare Your Smile For A Big Event

smileThere are certain times in life when you really want your smile to be at its best.  Maybe a class reunion, a wedding, an interview or a first date, or even family pictures. Some of these things come up more suddenly and you may not have enough much time to get your smile at its best.

When you are short on time, the best thing you can do to improve your smile is to bleach your teeth. You can schedule an appointment with your dentist or purchase a teeth whitening product from the store. In office whitening sessions are more pricey and can be anywhere from $500 and up. Over the counter treatments are less expensive, around $20. Whitening treatments are good for covering up stains on the tooth surface.

If you are thinking about a more serious smile makeover you may consider porcelain veneers.  If you have an important event coming up that you know about ahead of time this might be a great option, if you have the funds!  Veneers are a great option if you have crooked teeth or chipped or cracked teeth.

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Do You Need Veneers?

A nice smile is important to most people.  It is one of the fist things that people notice about you.  But you may be embarrassed to show your smile if your teeth don’t look the way you want. Porcelain veneers can greatly improve the look of your smile.  Here are four things that will tell y27331372-beautiful-young-woman-gesturing-success-showing-thumb-up-isolatedou if you are a good candidate for veneers.

Stains – Over time, teeth will naturally experience some discoloration.  Often certain foods can stain the teeth. Teeth whitening can help, but porcelain veneers can provide a permanent solution to yellow or stained teeth.

Crooked Teeth – If your teeth are crooked, it may make you self conscious about your smile.  Fixing crooked teeth can be done with braces or other orthodontic care, but this takes a few years.  Veneers can give you straight teeth with immediate results.  If you have gaps or crooked teeth the porcelain teeth will cover these defects. You can have the smile you want with similar results.

Cracks or Chips – If you have cracked or chipped teeth because of an accident or injury it can be painful and leave you feeling embarrassed about your smile. Veneers can restore your teeth back to their original state.  They cover up any imperfections and help protect your teeth from further damage.

Low Self Esteem – If you are self conscious about your smile for reasons listed above or for any other reason, you should consider veneers.  When you have the smile you always wanted you will be able to gain the confidence you have always wanted as well.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Many people have at least one aspect about their smile that they would like to change. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular these days and there are several procedures that can really improve a smile.  Below is a list of some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that are available to you.27912593-portrait-of-a-cute-cheerful-blonde-girl-in-a-black-dress

Teeth filing and whitening – People with normal, healthy teeth can still have a filing and whitening procedure from time to time. The process of filing is done to even out teeth and whitening will help the teeth to not look stained or discolored.

Dental veneers – Veneers are coatings or covers for teeth that are made from either resin or porcelain.  They coat the surface of the teeth to cover flaws such as chipping. The veneers are attached to the permanent teeth by scraping of a fraction of the tooth and then using dental cement to attach it.  They can also strengthen the teeth besides giving a more attractive appearance.

Dental implants – Implants replace an entire tooth or teeth.  Titanium screws are attached to the jawbone and act as the tooth roots and then a false tooth is attached to the screw.  This procedure is perfect for people with gaping holes in their mouth but should only be performed by an experienced oral surgeon.

Invisalign – This procedure is the perfect way to improve smiles by straightening crooked or misaligned teeth.  Aligner trays that fit over a person’s teeth are made for the person to wear and they slowly push the teeth back into place.

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Dental Work May Be The New Anti Aging Procedure

27807867-dentures-with-tools-on-tableGetting your teeth fixed may be even more effective than Botox because of a new anti aging procedure that is an alternative to plastic surgery and dermatology.  Dr. Michael Apa explains in this article on that “The goal is to create harmony within the face and reestablish youthfulness in a natural way”.

It’s a wonder that veneers could create the same effect as a face lift, but according to the statement above, it can.  Dr. Apa explains that the teeth actually support the lower third of the face and so over time as they age, they shift and wear down and can actually cause the face to look more hollowed and wrinkled.  With Dr. Apa’s procedure, he changes the position of the teeth to provide more needed support of the upper lip.  Dr. Apa also explains how much teeth whitening can change the look of the age of a person.

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15 Stars That Owe Their Smiles To Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way to improve the imperfections of your teeth and smile. Many people have things they would like to change about their smile and some may even look at their favorite celebrity and wish they had a smile like them. Truth be told, many celebrities owe their perfect smiles to the effects of cosmetic dentistry.  Some stars have paid as much as $50,000 to get their perfect smiles.  Whether it be implants, veneers, or even teeth whitening, you can have a perfect smile too.

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