10 Things Patients Want From Their Dentist

things patients want from their dentistIf you own a dental practice, you may be wondering what do patients want from their dentist?  Well most of you have probably been dental patients at some time in your life so you probably have some idea.  But in an article from Lisa Newburger, Dentistry IQ, she lists 10 things that patients want from a dental practice.  Hopefully you are already doing some of these things.

  1. A Keurig or other type of coffee machine for patient use.  Don’t hog all the coffee for you and your staff.  Have a coffee and other beverages available for your patients while they wait.
  2. Be a dentist who runs on time. Most people are taking time out of work or other important things in their day to come to the dentist.  The last thing they want is to be waiting forever for you.  If you are running behind, be sure to call the patient and let them know.  This way they can get other things done they need to before coming in to wait.
  3. Have friendly staff. Observe your front office people and be sure that the way they are treating the patients is how you would have them treated. They are the first people that your patients come in contact with and you want to be sure that they make a good first impression.

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