A Sign Of Aging – Yellow Teeth

yellow teethMany people may not realize that your teeth and mouth could be aging faster than the rest of you. If your teeth look yellow, this is one of the first visible signs of aging. But fixing your yellow teeth is one of the best ways to cover up the age of your mouth and body.

Good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups can really help in stopping what many many consider the natural aging process of teeth. As we age, our teeth can lose calcium and demineralize.  The can become yellow and discolored because of staining and improper care.  Even if your face looks young, your teeth can make you look 20 to 30 years older because they are discolored or chipped.

If you have this issue, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening procedures or even dental veneers can change your smile and make you look years younger.

Yellow Teeth are the First Sign of Aging.

Discoloration Of Teeth

discoloration of teethDiscoloration of teeth can be hard to prevent, but not impossible. Our teeth naturally change color as we age, but the things we eat and drink and how we take care of our teeth can also cause them to change. The following is a list of the different shades that our teeth might take on over time.

Gray – Teeth turn shades of gray because of long term use of certain medications. Grayness is hard to remove with bleaching, so often dentists will cover your teeth with porcelain veneers.

Yellow – This is the most common complaint of stained teeth.  Yellow stains are linked to aging as well as stain causing foods and drinks. Bleaching is a great way to get rid of yellow stains, but if it doesn’t work, veneers are a good alternative.

Brown – Brown teeth are most often caused by smoking or chewing tobacco.  Bleaching is also a great way whiten brown teeth.

White spots – If you’ve seen white spots on your teeth, this is the result of decalcification. This means that your teeth may have weaker enamel. If it they aren’t treated, they can lead to tooth decay. The teeth can be remineralized with fluoride.

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Common Dental Issues and How to Fix Them

A great smile is an important part of making a lasting first impression.  Many people are embarrassed and self conscious if their smile does not look the way they wish. If you find that you are someone who falls into this situation you should know that there are a number of dental issues that can be greatly improved with the help of a cosmetic dentist.

Yellow Teeth – Yellow, stained or discolored teeth are some of the most common dental issues that affect people. Many assume that yellow teeth are caused by a lack of oral hygiene but this may not always be the case.  They can result from smoking, aging, and consuming liquids and foods that stain teeth.  To fix yellow teeth, you should cut down of foods that cause staining but you can see your dentist for professional whitening procedures.  Another alternative is porcelain veneers which are thin shells that cover your teeth to i25193216-dental-doctor-on-white-backgroundmprove the shape, size and color of teeth.

Bad Breath – Bad breath is another common oral issue that leaves people feeling self conscious. This can be caused by lack of proper brushing, flossing and mouthwash use to kill bacteria. Temporary bad breath may be caused by eating certain types of foods but more serious causes of halitosis can be periodontal disease.  Your dentist will recommend brushing and flossing twice a day as your first line of defense toward bad breath. But if it is gum disease is to blame more intervention by your dentist will be required.

Cracks and Gaps – Cracked or chipped teeth or even gaps where teeth are missing make people very embarrassed of their smiles. Cracked and chipped teeth can be fixed by your dentist in a number of ways such as cosmetic bonding, a quick way of repairing teeth by using composite material to bond and reshape the existing tooth.  Missing teeth can be fixed with dental implants.  This is when a permanent tooth is implanted with a titanium post which replaces the natural root.

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What Causes Yellow Teeth?

Having white 22484620-portrait-of-smiling-young-woman-close-upteeth is a big deal nowadays.  However, it is not something that can be fixed quickly.  Tooth discoloration occurs naturally when the outer shell of tooth enamel begins to weaken and begins to turn translucent showing the more yellow colored dentin underneath.

For some people, tooth enamel weakens more quickly than others and their teeth begin got loose the white glow.  There are some things that can cause this to happen prematurely.  Here are five things that can cause yellow teeth:

  • Black Tea and Coffee – Tea and coffee contain tannins that can cause tooth discoloration.  Tannins are molecules found in different plants, trees and herbs and are naturally dark in color.  They tend to stick to surfaces such as dental enamel.  To reduce this, you should reduce the intake of black tea and coffee.  Switching to green tea will help and also brushing teeth after you have black tea or coffee will also help.
  • Tobacco – Smoking or chewing tobacco causes a number of serious oral conditions such as gum diseas, tooth loss and cancer.  It can also lead to tooth discoloration.  Reducing tobacco intake or quitting altogether is the most obvious way to prevent this.  Chewing sugar free gum and drinking water after smoking can help.  Brushing teeth regularly and drinking plenty of water can also help.
  • Soft Drinks – Soft drinks contain a large amount of acidic sugar, citric acid and phosphoric acid.  These acids can weaken tooth enamel.  The high sugar content in soda also wears down enamel.  Many people think that sugar free soft drinks are healthier, yet these products also contain high quantities of acid.  Switching to natural fruit juices and increasing water intake will help protect teeth.
  • Candy and Chocolate – Candy, sweets and chocolate are high in sugar and colorings.  They also contribute to teeth discoloration.  These sweets should only be eaten on occasion to help prevent yellow teeth.
  • Sauces and Condiments – Curry sauce, tomato ketchup and condiments like vinegar and soy sauce contain colorings that contribute to tooth discoloration.  After eating, drinking water or spending time to rinse water around your mouth will also help to clean teeth and remove unwanted colorings.

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