Communication and Walking go Hand in Hand!


Being a mother of teenagers myself, I understand the difficulties that can arise in raising teens. We want to communicate with them and be involved with what is going on in their lives. At the same time they are trying to find their independence and aren’t as willing to open up as they were at 5 years old. Finding the right time, place and mood for talking with your teen can be challenging.

One day I was discussing this with my friend and she mentioned going on an evening walk with your teen. Not only does it promote activity and fitness, but also can improve relationships. It gives vital one on one time without the typical distractions found at home. Without these distractions teens are more prone to open up and communicate. My friend said that it was during evening walks that she would really talk with her mother and “spill the beans” about her life.

Free communication will come easier if you make walking together a habit, something you do regularly. Then your teenager will be free to talk when he or she is ready, without pressure. If you only take a walk together when there is something big to discuss, your teenager might be more reluctant to talk.

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to walk (or jog, if you’re feeling ambitious) with your teen can be a true relationship and communication builder!