Does Tongue Brushing Make You Gag?


15253378-open-mouthYour tongue is full of bacteria which can lead to heart disease, premature birth, and even more. This is why you know it’s important to clean your tongue while brushing. But you may find that it is easier said than done.  If you tend to gag when brushing your tongue, there are a few things that you can try in order to get the job done.

Try a psychological trick like closing your hand in a tight fist so that your nails are gently digging into the palm of your hand. This distracts your brain, because of the slight pain, and your gag reflex should be gone for the moment.

Hold your toothbrush perpendicular to your tongue brushing from side to side.  When you put your brush in the long way, it is easier to slip back into the sensitive zone that triggers your gag reflex.  Holding it perpendicular will help avoid this.

Push your tongue down hard in the lower part of your mouth, behind your teeth while brushing.

Exhale through your mouth while brushing your tongue and try to relax the tongue and throat muscles as much as possible.  This takes practice but will become habit over time.

If non of these tips work, you can try using a tongue scraper instead of your toothbrush.  These can be purchased at the store or pharmacy and may feel less invasive then a toothbrush.

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